Riddel House

The modules are designed to be constructed in 2-stages. Being built off-site before being transported by truck or helicopter to site: Where smaller details, including decking and joinery are completed by unpacking their respective components from the module structures.

Designed in a courtyard typology was favoured over a single joined unit to connect the residents to nature and create a connection with their environemnt. This space is multi-purpposed to be able to hold small events and functions for the distillery.

Architecturally the Riddell House aims to invite the occupant on a journey to reconnect with nature, respecting the land whilst reclaiming and extending on the old Riddell track in the area.

The Riddell house is a modular construction that combines home, garden and a small kitchen workspace designed to cater for industries not typically able to work from home. Our proposal provides those in this situation an affordable and quickly assembled place to live and work, without needing to be in contact with others during times of high Covid risk.

We demonstrated this housing model at the base of Mount Riddell, close to the urban-center of Healesville in Victoria, Australia. The proposal is expressed across two modules, one for living, one for work, with a garden and open deck positioned to provide for both.

The workspace being organised to accommodate an occupant from the alcoholic beverage production industry - Which Census data shows a high proportion of the Healesville population works within.

This project was a competition entry into the Volume Zero Magazine 2021 Treehouse Competition, containing myself and two others.